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The Camera Of The Future
September 2008
16.5 x 24cm
99.00 EUR
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WP#05 The Camera Of The Future by Steven Sasson

Steven Sasson — thank you and thank you “Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Photographie”(DGPh) for realizing the unique “The Camera Of The Future”. Honoring Stephen  J. Sasson, Rochester, USA, 2008 with… for inventing the first digital camera gave birth to this book. It includes a facsimile print of the official KODAK research papers AND a limited C-Print of “The First Digital Picture” ever plus the accompagning anecdote. Most of the copies were signed by Stephen in Cologne while celebrating the award and photokina, Sept.08.

Helge Schlagheke, White Press

the first digital picture

the first digital picture

“The Camera Of The Future
is released in September 2008
There is no ISBN due to quantity
The edition is limited to 300 copies
SC, 96 pages, 42 facsimile pages
& one original c-print of
“the first digital picture in history”
16.5 x 24cm

The Price was 49,00€
Sorry, all 300 copies sold!
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